Almond Banana FroYo Popsicles

I’m not a huge dairy person—I don’t drink glasses and glasses of milk like my siblings do—but the one dairy product I can’t go without is yogurt from Pequea Valley Farm. In college, I lived in a coop and we’d order 5lb containers of this stuff and between the 10 of us, go through a tub or two a week, with granola, fruit or just plain.

Pequea Valley yogurt comes in a variety of flavors from plain to blueberry to maple (my favorite) and the Lancaster County farm raises exclusively grassfed Jersey cows that have been raised without hormones and antibiotics. After being raised on more commercial yogurt brands, I can definitely taste the grassfed difference here -- it’s creamy, substantial, perfectly tart, not overly sweet or flavoured and, best of all, it tastes like it comes from a real cow. For those of you who are used to watery low-fat dreck, tasting like cow might seem like a bad thing, but when you scoop yourself a spoonful of this yogurt, you’ll see what I mean – it’s hearty and substantial and enough to make you feel like you’re living out a scene from Farmer Boy.

But back to the popsicles – I recently acquired a nifty set of popsicle molds from Tovolo that I’ve been using non-stop since I bought them. I bought this set because the molds detach from the base and can stand up on their own, which means you don’t have to find room in your freezer for the whole set, you can just prop them up in between your frozen peas. They’re exactly the right size for a snack (4.0 ounces) and it’s a cinch to remove the pops from their molds. Plus, they’re BPA free and have been very easy to clean so far!





I like to make only a few popsicles at a time because I don’t have a lot of room in my freezer. The following recipe is for two 4.0 ounce popsicles. Scale up or down accordingly, but go ahead and err on the side of too much – this is a great recipe for a yogurt snack too!

Almond Banana FroYo Popsicles | Gluten Free Allies

Prep time: 5 minutes

Serves: 2


8 oz Pequea Valley Farm Vanilla Yogurt (or other full-fat variety if you must). Feel free to use plain yogurt as well for a less sweet treat or add in some honey or molasses.

1 Tbs salted almond butter, crunchy or smooth

1 banana, chopped into half-circle pieces

Almond Banana FroYo Popsicles || Gluten Free Allies


1.     Combine all ingredients in bowl

2.     Using spatula or small spoon, spoon yogurt into popsicle molds

3.     Wipe off molds and freeze upright

4.     Wait.

5.     Enjoy!

If you’re lucky enough to live in Phildelphia, you can buy Pequea Valley Farm yogurt at Reading Terminal Market, Mariposa Food Coop, DiBruno’s, Whole Foods and Milk and Honey Café.  Delaware Valley residents, check out to find other locations near you.

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